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Feedback and constructive criticism

To My concerned brothers and sisters.
Before I discuss about the subject would introduce myself to you briefly. I was graduated from the RIT in 1977. When I listen to Maung Sein Win (Padigone)’s literary talk. What he mentioend where hisown opinion. I am just recalling my memories to give positive feedback. I remember the event of  RIT, in 1975. Then we met  state councilors Dr. Hla Han, U(Lt Col.) Hla Moe, then Education Minister Dr. Khin Maung Win and our rector Dr. Aung Gyi in RIT’s assembly hall at second storey, Building 1. There were a total of 33 students who gave feedbacks on their own style including some students from the Lansin Lu-nge or BSPP Youth (Burmese Socialist Programme Party - Youth Wing). Pe Aung Lin(Electronics)  was one from the BSPP Youth Wing). I can recall some of those such as Kyaw Nyunt (Kawa), Nyi Nyi (Monywar) both from mechanical, late Soe Yan (Electronics ). I heard Soe Yan passed away in early 2000’s. I (Electrical Power) was one of them but not from Lansin Lu-gne but was already member of the BSPP since 1968. I reach the assembly hall unintentionally due to some cheering loud noises which attracted my hostel room mate Maung Maung (Mechanical) who asked me to go there. Then I had talked for about half hour about the economic and social problems. I write these to move forward for the better future by constructive changes taking lessons from the bitter experiences of the past. I trust that Burmese can strike the top spots again if they try hard and wisely maneuver in  political and economic course in the tide of tremendous global changes.
It was some about 38 years ago. Then I brought up some considerable points to the attention of the government high ranking officials. The followings are what I could recall after almost 4 decades.
1.      Not to sell teak and other woods, especially teak wood. Suggested that the foreign currency (FC) revenue could be earned by attracting tourists without exploiting teak forest. Then the FC revenue per tourist is more than that of export of teak wood. I told them that if I were them I would not fall and sell teak tree but rather show the tourist that this one is already 100 years old and that 90 years old and so on. I have got heart pain (အသဲနာတယ္) when I see Maung Maung Thane’s  post though whom I do not really know personally.I just found his post by chance while I was searching for others on Googles. {Thanks Googles}.It was 1970 when I passed my matriculation  or BEHS Examination in Myitkyina , attended Night Class conducted  at Middle School at Siam Su Ward, south side of Zay-Gyi. Then I used to listen and sing the song “Shwe Nar Mye Thot lae” which also include the Ei Mau Voon Mountain ( အီေမာဘြမ္ေတာင္)  and Sein Lon Cliff in the lyrics. I think all my friends, Kachin,Chin, Shan, Jingpho, and Bamar  friends in Myitkyin, know what I am mentioning. I also thank U Win Myint and Daw Myint Myint (who were my teachers at Night Class). Daw Myint Myint taught Chemistry while U Win Myint, Physics. Due to their exemplary teaching skills and my interest and hard work in these two subjects I had got distinction in both. I will post my next story “Why I did not become infantry commander?” soon later.
2.      To stop border trade and open up market economy. Then Border trade made Burma substantial losses. Burma trade with Thailand at the eastern border where Burma agricultural produce were exchanged with Thai’s industrial products which are factory quality rejected items and some products not marketable to other parts of the world. The, then Professor Sein Hlaing of department of electrical and electronic engineering told this author that he could not find one good transistors out of 70 pieces (only available in the market through border trade so called black market) by appropriate electrical standard testing in the laboratory.
3.      Degradation of moral character integrity of the people of Burma. The author told the member of the delegation that the economic problems and failures could be recover in 10 years or twenty years by proper economic plans such as 5 year plan, 10 year plan, so on an so forth. But the degradation or losses of moral character could not be recovered in a century.
4.      Invited all the delegate to visit my home town on my account on the conditions they are to travel with me on the overcrowded passenger train running from Rangoon (lower Burma) to Mandalay (second city in upper Burma). I wanted them to see with their own eyes and experience how much trouble, hardships and sufferings of the normal citizens (at the lower stratum of the population) are facing. {By the way please find the author Naing Win Swe’s story book titled “Ma Thein Shin See Pott Pay Par” = it means “Send (it) To Ma Thein Shin”}
But apparently the feedback did not reached to the top though the Education Minister Dr. Khin Maung Win (who was a doctorate not medical doctor) mentioned that the delegate could not answer the questions of the student but will report to the Top Management or Leaders. What is happening, now after 38 years? See the following reports on the internet. Some are reported by the youths who are very concern about their country, a great nation with ancient cultural value and early civilization at least the late 1st century BC or the early 1st century AD. The scholars and historians could tell exactly. There are no improvements but the situation is rather running from bad to worse with tremendous speed and alarming.
Loss of rain forest.
Immediately Planting of the big tree (which require seeds or small cultured one from the botany and Forestry department) to recover rain forest in next twenty to thirty year time or may be even in longer period of time. Refer the following.Please on the following link to read Maung Maung Than's report.


1)Why I have got heart pain? Please review the following video on YouTube. There are big
volume, so many tons of logs waiting for shipment, transportation to unknown destination.
These images make me sad and again embarrassed. 

2) There are the women trying to sell their bananas. Probably they grow, harvest, transport and sell to make a living. These are now on YouTube and the whole country and people are embarrassed. These are also problems which needs immediate attention.

 See, what is happening? It is very pitiful the life of normal people. It seems that there is no one currently looking into the situation for improvement.,

 Dear Sirs and all Madam,
Please listen what U Hein Lat is talking in which a lot are related to what this author have highlighted in 1975. {Refer abovementioned  item (3.)     " Degradation of moral character integrity of the people of Burma." }

To be continued.

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