Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I did not become student activist and eventually ended up in the jungle camps?

     Firstly I would like to let you know that I have no intention to write this type of paper. Actually our main purpose is to research where our ancestors came from, when, how and what tribes, races and what are their customs, cultures, etc, etc.   However this subject has an objective. The objective is that we do not want our present generation students and youths misled. I listen to various news and talk shows and found some are not productive and progressive. The freedom and responsibility are like two sides of the coins. Freedom must come with responsibility. Some individuals just talk freely without responsibility. This is very dangerous and will mislead the youths and students.
Now we come to the main part of the subject. The followings are some points we (my friends and I) discussed during 1970 to 1977 university days occasionally and agreed upon as.
a)      We did not want the colour of the country changes from Pink (Socialist) to Red (Communist).
b)      We also did not want any destructive actions, by organized or unorganized student protest which leads to unruly and the mob takes law in their own hands.
I think these are the main principles on our mind till today. Later we will discuss this subject more for our young generations to put their energy and brevity in good causes, study hard, work hard, be constructive when criticize, just criticize the idea but not the person who presents the idea if there is discussion, debate, etc. We would not want any recurrences of the bitter past experiences .

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