Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Source of The Gold, Suvarna(Skt.) or Sonna(Hindi)

Thaton was called Suvarnabhumi for the reasons it deserved.  In ancient time the boat sailed from Bengaldesa to Ramannadesa, and at the time of approaching the Sudhammapura (modern Thaton), the shore line and beach around the city was shining under the sun. It happened due to gold dusts and flakes deposited on the beach. These gold dusts and flakes are carried along with the water current (flow) of River Chittang (Sanskrit name of Chittang River). Where is the actual source of these gold dusts and flakes?
There is a smaller river or stream called Paung Laung which is tributary to Chittang river rises up at small hamlet in the middle Burma (Brahmadesa). The ancient Mon  town is  called Yamethin ,the  native place of this author.

The ethononym of the Mon people in olden days were different from present name Mon, written Man (မန္). In the pre-Angkor Khmer inscriptions, the Mons were called RAMAN (ရမည္), RMMAN AND RAMANYA (ရမည ) IN THE 6TH-7TH CENTURIES ad. In 1021 AD, the Javanese named them as RMEN(ရမန္ ) and REMEN . The great Myanmar king Kyansittha referred them as RMEN  (ရမန္) in his Palace Mon inscriptions at Pagan inscribed on huge stomnes in the 11th century A.D., when Myanmars were known as MIRMA (မရမၼာ). {Dr Nai Pan Hla}

The place of the upstream of the river Paung Laung is situated at the eastern hilly village near Pyinpya and Myinner(This place was the resting camp for Burmese Royal Calvary Troops) about the Shwe Myin Tin Hill top pagoda. There are also two Mon pagodas built and worshipped by the niece and nephew of Mon King Manuhar or Suryakumara. We knew since last over forty years ago that there were gold which we could exploit. Young and adventurous men from my home town went to rush gold by digging, seeping and washing. The places are infested by  to sever malaria. Some people went there came back with malaria infection and some of them died or went crazy as malaria virus gone into their brains. Then it was not popularly known and also due to malaria not so many gold miners explore their luck to get quick rich.
             News  that the area is actually the source of gold. Following the news both local and remote people, individuals and corporate consortiums rush in  exploiting gold mine with terrible greed which cause a lot of social and political problems in Burma. See the following reports.

 Xinhua News, Yamethin is good prospect for gold mining


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