Monday, February 3, 2014


                                                            Poet U Tin Moe 

Although this be our nation, he
With his customs, his attitudes,
his men, his lords, is still in charge:
although this is our Golden Land
his values, his ideas are those
with we still look up to admire.
Let us straighten our heads, our minds
now we are free to spread abroad
our religion, our literature
our traditions to make them ours
let us found a great people:
let our nation advance the cause
of its culture, its many-branched
knowledge and skill, humanities,
its sciences, its wealth of knowledge
that they may be learned by all.
Now we are at last, our sphere
Is the whole earth:
Only the Sky is the Limit.
By Tin Moe


This is my self-reflection more than three decades after graduation from the RIT.
I kept the above poem of course type written by using my portable type writer which has traveled with me during my tour of duty as marine engineer in the 80’s.
Then I blame all including my parents, teachers, relatives, friends, neighbours and authorities. But I failed to realize my shortfalls, lacks, ignorance and negligence. Decades after my graduation from the, then, prestigious engineering university, the RIT. Now I am ashamed, embarrassed and start doing little thing for my Native Golden Land. For the visitors, the author has dedicated the topics. It is the best to start viewing from the second post “Burma, My Native Golden Land”
Why I am embarrassed? Our ancestors could cast the famous bronze bell so called  Min-gon Bell. We learned metallurgy; we have coppers, aluminum, tin, lead and metals naturally abundant in Burma, the Golden land. But I was occasionally dream to turn these raw materials to finished goods which we desperately need for construction. I believe that Burma imported the electrical wires, cables, and probably copper rods, tapes and etc. for the electrical earthing and lightning protection. Especially casting of these small materials such as square clamps, round clamps and etc. should be done Burmese. Since very heavy bronze bell can be casted, the small copper or bronze products should not be problems. Why I was not doing? Is that not my short coming for my native golden land? Now I am asking myself all these questions.
I should be able to turn this raw copper deposit without degrading the fertile farmlands and green environment to the products needed in construction. Actually I should meet up with local copper smith and explore how we can blend our knowledge such as smelting of copper, making molds
and casting small simple copper and bronze materials. 

                                                         {Photo: courtesy of Google}

From above raw copper deposit to the below finished products.

                          Electrical Construction Materials {Photo: Courtesy of Google}

Besides materials for construction use, the other products such as utensils, artifact for souvenirs and etc. so that the abundant labours could also be used rather than sending the boys and girls abroad.
 I failed to do so. Thus far I am embarrassed.

Source of the above information :Courtesy of Google from the following link.


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